n. 14 April 2007

Constant growth in Italy, reaching a turnover of 285 million, 1,000 employees and a net profit of 9 million. Then foreign expansion, from Serbia to the USA, from Germany to Ukraine. An unusual corporate story in the publishing industry featuring linguistic barriers that have never favoured internationalisation. Sergio Giunti spoke to east about it.

A native of the Marches region, Federico Vitali is mad about mechanics (he got into business almost for fun at the age of 20) and started up Faam without resorting to financial aid from the Southern Italy Development Fund. Today, the group has three factories in Italy and two abroad – in China and Uruguay – and firmly believes that there is a future for electric vehicles: the company also produces an electric bicycle and environment-friendly vehiclesthat will be used in the Beijing stadium at the 2008 Olympics.


Dubai’s futuristic skyline and its 6-star resorts, probably the biggest building boom of our time – an emblem of the headlong growth of the Arab Emirates – are the façade that hides the decidedly less attractive experiences of a small army of migrants employed in the construction industry.

In the debate on Europe’s future, much attention is paid to subjects like the “European social model” and the division of labour between the Union and its member states. But things are a bit more complicated than they seem, as shown by The European Patients’ Rights research programme, sponsored by the Active Citizenship Network and based on extensive experience accumulated on this subject in Italy, thanks to the Court for Patients’ Rights of Cittadinanzattiva.