n. 14 April 2007

Skilfully exploiting the rigid US policy of “might is right”, Russia is taking over the role the USSR once held in the Middle East. The push no longer comes from ideology, but rather from business, in particular the areas of energy and armaments. And consensus regarding Putin’s pragmatism continues to grow, not only in Arab countries but also in Iran and even Israel...

He runs RosPrirodNadzr, the environmental authority, with an iron hand and says he wishes to wipe out corruption in domestic companies as well as the international firms that have taken Russia to be a banana republic. His latest battle, which could have ended up at the Stockholm arbitration court, was his fight against Shell for the Sakhalin-2 energy project.Does deputy minister Oleg Mitvol really mean what he says?


Every country has the “worsts” that it deserves. For example, in our own little world, we Italians have the “Tapiro d’Oro” (Golden Tapir), while Americans have their “Razzies”, as the Golden Raspberry Awards are affectionately referred to...

He was not just a great journalist: Ryszard Kapuscinski, born in the Eastern part of Poland, was a much loved journalist, especially by young people. Kapuscinski died on January 23 of this year in his Warsaw. east wanted to commemorate him in an interview with Paolo Rumiz, author of several books on the Balkans, together with a portfolio of photographs by Monika Bulaj, a photographer, anthropologist, and also a Pole like him.