n.16 October 2007

On the one hand there are an increasing number of States in which the death penalty is no longer used; on the other, in some countries capital punishment is proposed or used to attempt to check abuse against the most vulnerable sections of the population.

The long tragedy of the Caucasus relives in the school essays of its young people. These texts, collected by Francesca Gori for Italian publisher Einaudi’s “Struzzi” series, make all the horror of the war as seen by those who underwent it, the history of a people and its unending tragedy come alive for the reader.

Convergence, competitiveness and co-operation: the three major strategic objectives of the EU and Italy to stimulate economic growth and make Europe a more attractive place to live and work.

Iranian Kurdish filmmaker Fariborz Kamkari tries to describe the Middle East to the West through the cinema. The family is a central element in his films, as he attributes most of the problems to the rigid patriarchal culture, a reflection of the country’s profound contradictions.