n.16 October 2007

Despite Kazakhstan’s strong and historic economic, ethnic and cultural relationships with Russia, it is inevitable that in future China will play a greater role in the Kazakh economy.

Nuova Simonelli has a turnover of 25 million from sales – 80 per cent of them abroad – of professional coffee makers. In this interview, Nando Ottavi, the company's numero uno, explains how he has championed the cause of spreading a taste for espresso coffee worldwide over the past 36 years.

The opening of the credit sector to outside investors has been a key part of the process of transforming and modernising the entire area and its economy. Western banks now play a leading role in many countries, except Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, where consolidation is still ongoing.

The country on the eve of elections.
Vietnam, which was reduced to rubble by the tragic series of Indochina wars in the mid-1970s, had to face serious financial difficulties engendered by the U.S.-imposed embargo following Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia with the aim of overthrowing Pol Pot’s bloodthirsty regime.