n.16 October 2007

The author Alaa al-Aswani, the paediatrician Abdul Moneim Aboul Fottouh who leads the Muslim Brothers, the political analyst Amr Shoubaki and the founder of the Kefaya movement Abdel Halim Kandil. Four intellectuals who express different points of view.

The serious financial turbulence which hit markets in August has invited comparisons to previous ones such as the stock market crash of 1987 and the 1998 crisis trig- gered by the default of Russia and the failure of the Long Term Capital Management hedge fund.

It all started in Nogara a century ago with Ruggero Bauli. The qualitative leap, however, was made in the Seventies, not least because of the crisis at Motta and Alemagna, subsequently bought by the State holding company IRI.