n.16 October 2007

t is not just the Space Shield that divides the two global superpowers. The issue of energy and the controversial new policy of alliances with Venezuela, Iran and Syria, which the Americans distrust, promoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin also have their effects.

Everyone agrees on the fact that GDP is no longer sufficient as a tool to measure the progress of the human community. Per capita income in Korea is 200 times higher than it was in 1960, but the number of suicides has more than doubled.

Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Putin’s advisor on relations with the European Union, clarifies Russia’s recent positions on certain issues, starting with the deployment of the U.S. space shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, while sending reassuring messages on his country’s intentions and objectives.

L’economia americana resta la prima nel mondo, seguita a distanza da quella europea. Diventato marginale il peso della Russia, la Cina sorpassa il Giappone e si pone al terzo posto. Ma in termini relativi la nuova ricchezza prodotta in Asia è già oggi superiore al 50% del totale. L’economista Mario Deaglio ne descrive le ragioni e ne evidenzia le criticità