n.16 October 2007

Dossier.In releasing this survey, Human Rights First documents and analyzes the reality of racist violence and other forms of intolerance. This data, combined with the findings of nongovernmental monitoring organizations, provides important insights into the nature and incidence of violent hate crimes.

“Today’s Albania is better than Communist Albania, but it is not the dream that we were seeking”. In this exclusive interview to
east, the great Albanian writer describes the frustrations as well as the courage and the hopes of his people, caught between today’s Europe and a feudalistic past in which women had neither rights nor respect.

The Tsarist and then the Soviet empire gave rise to small pockets of oppressed and persecuted minorities: Crimean Tatars, Kurds, Ingush and Chechens from the Caucasus, Volga Germans and Black Sea Greeks, not to mention Kalmyk Buddhists, Jews exiled to Siberia and Mingrels, Karaites and Basmac’.

The OECD estimates that the value of the counterfeiting business, the emerging mafia, equals 200 billion USD, i.e. 7 to 9% of the world trade.