n.17 December 2007

Ten years ago, the Asian stock exchange crisis came as a healthy shock which taught both the stock exchanges of the famous Asian tigers as well as Western stock exchanges a great deal.What has changed and how is Asian finance structured today? That is the theme of this issue’s Dossier, co-ordinated by Stefano Chiarlone with contributions by Giovanni Adornino, Giovanni Ferri, Marco Lossani and Michael Plummer. And, in the background, the scenario of the new global balance, which economist Mario Deaglio comments on in a wide-ranging interview in the context of the 2007 report by the Luigi Einaudi Centre for Documentation and Research, titled Astride the Tiger. Europe, its present and future is the theme for the discussion among Ulrich Beck, Aldo Bonomi and Massimo Cacciari. Author of Cosmopolitan
Europe, published in Italy by Carrocci, Beck is one of the leading contemporary social scientists and offers very interesting ideas for an extraordinary reflection on European culture. More specifically, but in the same framework, is the parallel interview of two Romanian intellectuals, Cristian Tudor Popescu and Mircea Cartarescu. Interviewed by Claudia Stanila, the two intellectuals reason in critical and self-critical terms on the events that have led Italy and Romania to the brink of a genuine institutional crisis.
Finally, Matteo Ferrazzi and Andrea Orame offer an extremely interesting analysis of the changes underway in the European automobile industry, while Anna Czaijka, Aesthetics and Philosophy lecturer and the author of very high-profile essays, attempts to explain the reason why, after their revolt against Communism, the Polish people have found themselves voting overwhelmingly for the Kaczynski brothers.


Linda Laura Sabbadini, ISTAT’s Central Director, has followed the whole process of gender policies and attempts to quantify women’s progress in statistical terms. “The great turnaround”, she says, “began in Beijing in 1995. That was the conference that determined the two watchwords that would dominate policies associated with this issue in subsequent years: mainstreaming and empowerment”.

Cristian Tudor Popescu and Mircea Cartarescu, two well-known Romanian intellectuals, discuss the facts that risked compromising relations between Italy and Romania.

The stand taken by the US Congress on the Armenian genocide should be seen principally as an internal political move.

It’s not only Fiat that’s turning toward the East, choosing Poland to produce that global symbol of Italian motoring, the new Fiat 500.

Have contributed to this issue:
Giovanni Adornino
Antonio Barbangelo
Aldo Bonomi
Emiliano Bos
Massimo Cacciari
Stefano Chiarlone
Alessandra Cipolla
Simone Cofferati
Anna Czaijka
Massimiliano di Pasquale
Rita Fatiguso
Vittorino Ferla
Aldo Ferrari
Matteo Ferrazzi
Giovanni Ferri
Hans Holzhacker
Francesca Lancini
Marco Lossani
Marco Montanari
Alessandro Giulio Midlarz
Andrea Orame
Fernando Orlandi
Michael Plummer
Sergio Romano
Vivien Schmidt
Piero Sinatti
Donato Speroni
Claudia Stanila
Maria Elena Viggiano
Vittorio Borelli