n.18 February 2008

People from the West are so fascinated by the world that disappeared with the falling of the Berlin Wall that a young businessman from Krakow came up with the idea of constructing a fully-fledged business around it.

Common Law Baby: 50.5%of all French babies are born out of wedlock: up from 48% in 2006, according to Insee,
the French statistics institute. 15% of Italian babies are born out of wedlock.

In the summer of 2007, millions of homeowners in the United States discovered that the terms on their mortgage loans had worsened at the same time that the market values of their homes were declining. The squeeze quickly led to a sharp rise in foreclosures, and many families lost their homes.

Electoral observation made the headlines at the end of 2007 because of the cancellation of the mission to observe the Russian elections. As is often the case, there was quite a lot of guesswork and even misinformation.