n.18 February 2008

The country on the eve of elections The new Polish democracy’s prospects did not seem bright in 1990: high levels of inflation and unemployment, a huge agricultural sector, big, undercapitalized State-owned industries and no sources of investmentof the vote.

After a particularly important year in Turkey’s political life, when the country survived an institutional crisis caused
by the presidential elections – which provoked yet another clash between the upholders of the Kemalist tradition and the pro-Islamic governing party .

The CIR provides direct support, but also engages in lobbying and provides information. In 17 years, it has helped over seventy thousand refugees, evacuees and asylum seekers who arrived in Italy to ask for protection.

At a stage in history in which the political mechanisms of democracy principally continue to function on the national level, how can the global trends of the environment, commerce, finance, etc. be managed?