n.20 June 2008

The topic of migration and policies to face these covers a rather consistent number of pages in this issue as well. Read the
Dossiers with articles and interviews by Anna Iara, Andrzey Bratkowski, Donato Speroni, Matteo Ferrazzi, Josè Luis Rhi-Sausi, Fabrizio Coricelli, Elena Fenili and Francesca Nenci. Migration is also discussed in the third edition of the Venice Forum (June 12 and 13), which we will broadly summarize in the upcoming issue. Strictly connected, the topic on globalization and how to “manage” it, covered by Renato Ruggiero in his editorial.
On Russia, a great contribution by Piero Sinatti who will try to anticipate scenarios of relations with America after the November ballot. Claudia Astarita offers a precise and somewhat fresh version of efforts made by China to best face the upcoming Olympic games. Economist Stefano Chiarlone, on the other hand, looks at the strengths and weaknesses of India’s economy. He believes that India should face and solve several important hitches to continue to grow at current
rates. Two reportages in this issue: the first by Emiliano Bos on Istanbul, Europe’s sentinel at the easternmost frontier and the second by Massimiliano Di Pasquale on ancient Leopolis.
The cultural section is also rather full, with interviews to the director of Ermitage Borisovich Piotrovsky, to the Lebanese movie director Mai Masri and to Professor Sami Awad Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh, author of a totally original edition of the Koran.


The writer William Saroyan once called the town of Lviv “God’s nasty dream”: a description that is not to be taken literally, as Elio Vittorini tells us.

When Beirut diarieswas selected for a film festival in France, Beirut was still under seige and being subjected to daily air, sea and ground attacks. “I wasn’t yet ready to leave the country, but I wanted the film to be seen”, the film’s director, Mai Masri, told east.

Inflation, the appreciation of the rouble, less competitiveness, raw material costs, corruption and a declining population: Russia’s new president has inherited a critical situation. Nevertheless, the nomenklatura is putting on a show of confidence.

Caviar, massages, acupuncture and relaxation, not to mention the receptionists, who look like they just walked off the catwalk. This is the menu served up by the “Valley of dreams”.

Have contributed to this issue:
Claudia Astarita
Antonio Barbangelo
Emiliano Bos
Andrzej Bratkowski
Stefano Chiarlone
Alessandra Cipolla
Simone Cofferati
Fabrizio Coricelli
Massimiliano di Pasquale
Elena Fenili
Matteo Ferrazzi
Alessandro Garusi
Cristina Giuliano
Anna Iara
Timothy Fenton Krysiek
Francesca Lancini
Carlotta Magnanini
Cristina Mocanu
Marco Montanari
Francesca Nenci
Fernando Orlandi
Speranta Pirciog
Farian Sabahi
Piero Sinatti
Donato Speroni
Guido Vigna
Ana Marina Zamfir
Shamil Midkhatovich Yenikeyeff
Vittorio Borelli