n.27 December 2009

Researchers at the U.S. Gallup Poll agree that national happiness represents a vital indicator in assessing a country's business and political climate. In 2008, it released its first Annual Report on State of the World. Citizens of 144 nations wereasked for their views on individual well-being, personal finances, health, education, security, as well as how they regarded their national institutions. The results produced some unexpected surprises

Dutch sociologist Ruut Veenhoven of the University of Rotterdam runs a website that attempts to measure happiness. He has compiled what's called the "World Database".

The British conservative leader David Cameron once told the BBC that: «Politicians should be saying to themselves, 'how are we going to try and make sure that we don't just make people better off but we make people happier, we make communities more stable, we make society more cohesive.'».

In 2008, family-run sausage-maker Levoni posted a turnover of €98 million, an export quota of 18 percent, and profits worth more than €4million. In an industry dominated by multinationals, the numbers are impressive. More important is the global prestige slowly and meticulously acquired by the Mantua-based manufacturer. Nicola Levoni, great grandson of the founder Ezekial, known as ‘Zechi,’explains the boom.