n.30 June 2010

Serbian Dragolijub Kojcic has worn many hats, including philosopher, journalist, and politician. He now heads a new party known as Serbia 21.His goal to encourage Serbs to membership in the European Union as an extension of their
national identity and a part of their destiny. But in the bitter Belgrade atmosphere, persuasion comes hard.

Sixteen years after his epic "Burned by the Sun" broke all Russian box officer records and earned an Oscar, renowned director Nikita Mikhalkov is back with a sequel. Once again, his narrative exalts the World War II Russian spirit and plays to Moscow's prevailing pro-nationalist mood. Though Mikhalkov has plenty of friends in power, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, he also a bevy of vocal critics who accuse him of exercising his own form of totalitarianism.

Family-owned shoemaker Manas Spa got its small-town roots in 1950s. Since then, it has expanded both nationally and internationally. It now exports to 88 countries, including Russia, China and South Korea. A new eco-friendly ad campaign featured the development of cardboard stores, all of them opened in Beijing since 2007. Company CEO Cleto Sagripanti says the company goal is to keep a national infrastructure while tapping into the global market.