n.32 October 2010

Bangkok-born Dutchwoman Dona Holleman has practiced yoga for 50 years. She played a major role in its Italian development. But she objects to the way it's taught and received in the West, where she says the practice exists to soothe egos and rein in waistlines. As a result, she's created an approach that uses the creatures closest to her heart: Horses. In her Normandie center, she tries teaching students and visitors how the life and movements of horses can teach people how to live their lives better and more purely.

Unlike a number of Eastern European capitals, Slovenia's thriving Ljubljana steered clear of Soviet-era urban models. The city owes a debt to the independent spirit of its artists and architects, who began reinventing it while it was still under Austro-Hungarian rule. Thanks to the city's small size and Tito's unwillingness to yield to monolithic models, today's Ljubljana remains among the most vibrant examples of the evolution of European modernism.

The Osnago, Italy-based FOMASgroup specializes in producing an array of forged steel products, manufacturing parts that are as essential to nuclear power plants as they are to wind turbines. Despite the worldwide recession, FOMAS has made important inroads in India and China, opening a Chinese facility in near-record time.  . Company CEO Jacopo Guzzoni credits the success of his company to patience, attention to detail, and awillingness to track the changing needs of the market.

July marked the fifth edition of the 'East Forum,' sponsored by east magazine, the UniCredit Group and the LUISS Guido Carli University. Sustainability was this year's theme, with speakers from all walks of life discussing how the world will have to change to make room not only for the needs of the environment but also social and economic change.