n.36 June 2011

SEXYGAP 13: number of times a day men think about sex, totaling 4,745 times a year. They only have sex 101 times a year on average. About 30% admit sex is their first thought of the day. 5: number of times a day women think about sex, totaling 1,745 a year.

Never in the postwar period was Japan so suddenly lavished with admiration and scorn as in the immediate aftermath of the March tsunami and the nuclear crisis it provoked.

Nuclear shortcomings are no stranger to the Japanese power company TEPCO, which has endured more than a decade of criticism regarding both its corporate practices and the way it managed its power plants.

The natural and nuclear catastrophe that struck Japan in March produced a sometimes strange mix of complacency and heroism. Here, an Italian journalist who visited Japan in the early weeks of crisis takes stock the unfolding events.