n.36 June 2011

According to energy expert and university professor Pippo Ranci Ortigosa, nuclear power is here to stay. He sees nations such as China and India forging ahead with nuclear facilities despite the doubts generated by the post-tsunami crisis in Japan. At the same time, he worries about the building up of nuclear installations in nations that have weak government or potential unstable ones.

Despite the absence of industry and investment, the southern Indian state of Kerala is among the most affluent and peaceful in India. Communist leadership has overseen the creation of a welfare state model that few citizens are inclined to overhaul.

The sudden political and social change of scenery in Tunisia and Egypt means that Europe must replace its longstanding defensive posture with a declared readiness to embrace the new reality and help the changed nations develop and grow.

The Tunisian uprising and subsequent political change roughed up flourishing ties between Italy and the North African country, whose low labor costs has always been a magnet for the Italian market.