n.37 July 2011

Dervishes play a significant role in the history of Islamic spirituality pertaining in particular to mystical doctrine known as Sufism.

Wa State, a rebel state inside Myanmar, relies on a child army to protect its borders from intruders. Its residents are mostly drug lords and human traffickers, many shuttling in and out from nearby China. Once an important opium producer, Wa and Chinese traffickers have turned to methamphetamine Ya ba for profit.

The Chinese government has allocated considerable funds to build or upgrade museums designed to inspire patriotic feelings or nurture the nationalist attachment of its citizens. Among the most fascinating is the “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China Museum,” which is entirely dedicated entirely to the country’s most compelling revolutionary song.

China’s one-child policy, the product of Mao-era panic and social engineering, has laid the groundwork for an unsettled demographic picture. The favoring of male children threatens to leave marrying-age men without domestic brides.