n.38 October 2011

BEWARE THE SWAMI - Have you ever stood in line waiting to check baggage at acrowded Indian airport only to have a fixer come up and offer to move you to the had of the line in exchange for a “tip”? Corruption is endemic in India, and it’s the poor who tend to suffer most.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his Civic Platform won a convincing victory in 2007 elections and soon became European darlings. But as new elections near, so do ominous signs.

The Danube Delta is among the richest national preserves in Europe, teeming with rare birds, fish and plants. But the Romanians who live in the Delta have been abandoned to their own devices.

Despite gradual liberalization policies, Kurdish language and culture remains mostly ostracized in Turkey. In an effort give the Kurdish national role a non-militant coloring, some new groups and organizations are working hard to establish and nurture language programs.