n.42 June 2012

Russia’s role in Israel has grown in recent years. Former immigrants have acquired national political clout, assisted by a booming tourist trade that puts Jerusalem at its center.

As Europe prepares for the Euro 2012 football championship in Ukraine and Poland, officials are growing worried about a corresponding boom in the sex trade.


Baku is increasingly concerned about the influence of Iran and Islamic extremism, passing a raft of legislation intended to check the potential growth of extremism.

Returning to Kabul after a six-year absence, the author finds a filthy fortress-city in which the Taliban square off against armed security contractors on a nearly daily basis. In the background is a growing resentment toward the foreign presence.

Though India has a woman president, house speaker, and women incumbents lead two of the country’s three biggest and most powerful states, the country still faces major obstacles on the road to gender equality.

Welcome to Tehran.

Though Aung San Suu Kyi has recently managed to win remarkable political concessions, Burma, or Myanmar, is still profoundly unsettled. Deep divisions between ethnic minorities risk boiling over into civil war unless the country finds a way to work with groups seeking autonomy.

In the Arab world and in Iran, artistic expression is intrinsically linked to resisting authoritarianism. The wave of changes sweeping Middle East has returned artists, videographers, documentary makers and webmasters to the forefront.

Governing in Crisis