Revolutionary girls

INNER VOICES For over 15 years, in Tuscany, in a small medieval town just outside Arezzo, the Rondine association has been hosting young people from wartorn countries. Each year, the association awards a scholarship to 15 students who accept the challenge of living with the enemy. In Italy, they enrol in university and take peace-building training courses under the supervision of Rondine members. By  living among them, their enemies become people worth getting to know; people with whom they can communicate, and overcome prejudice, mistrust and intolerance. At the end of their two or three years with  Rondine, they return to their homelands, ready to enter the Lega delle Rondini d'Oro (League of Golden Swallows), a network of former students who continue to promote peace abroad. Maha, Radwa, Raja and Nesrine describe their experiences in a Mediterranean and European context.


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