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In the new issue: ‘my’ Europe by Emma Bonino. Tigers of the Orient: a report on India and China,  successes and contradictions compared. Asia and Europe eye each other:  vices and temptations know no boundaries.

Tigers of the Orient is the title of EAST 48, available at newsagents, in pdf format or from applestore from the 1st of July 2013. Emma Bonino, Italian Foreign Affairs Minister and staunch European supporter, examines Europe today, its weak points and its potential. Themes that will be the subject of the East Forum in Rome which she will open on the 11th  of July.

Tigers of the Orient is also the title of the dossier focusing on India and China, two giants that are currently dictating the pace of the planet’s growth. They are obliged to keep growing: ever so powerful yet dangerously fragile. The tiger and the elephant: a comparison of the two country’s great successes but also fearful contradictions, youth, growth, speed, but also political uncertainty and ancient vices.

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