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The recent announcement that the threshold of 400 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere of our planet had been exceeded went virtually unnoticed. In a Hollywood film, this kind of news might have roused world public opinion while heads of state gathered at emergency summits. Instead it fell on deaf ears, overshadowed by news of the financial crisis or tensions between military powers.

 Educated in Switzerland, a lover of music and westerns, and a basketball fan: sounds like any young kid who’s had a privileged international education. A European perhaps, or an American. Instead, this chubby young man is one of the ‘thorns’ in the side of the western world. His name is Kim Jong-un, he’s 30, he has a gormless smile and a dangerous ‘profession’: dictator of North Korea, third heir of a dynasty that has ruled the reclusive country since 1953.

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