n.4 May 2005

New Europe Economic Dossier aims to provide a structural view on the evolution of the various countries in the region, highlighting the main
achievements and the open challenges. Each issue is dedicated to a specific country and includes an analysis of the economic situation plus
an interview to a leading figure for the future of the country. The dossier is edited by the New Europe Research Network of UniCredit.

From Italia Nostra to FAI. A life spent successfully defending art and the environment. Giulia Maria Mozzoni Crespi tells how she got started, who stood by her and who was against her. And she explains that the challenge has now moved on to European level. Not only because of the backwardness of the new European partners, but also because…

It is not that Italian entrepreneurs do not go abroad. They do. Some banks are also going. The point is that there is a lack of strategy and culture in moving as a system, as recounted from personal experience by the leaders of Italian style internationalization, from Pininfarina to Dompé, from Riello to Tronchetti Provera, from Pesenti to Confalonieri…

The first objective is the acquisition of material and immaterial resources which are not available in the domestic markets. The second is gaining access to stable supplies of natural resources and raw materials, and the third is the relocation of mature productions in low cost labour countries. The last objective is gaining direct control on some distribution channels in the most promising markets for Chinese exports.