Lorna’s Refuse (al)

Recycling waste consumes less energy and fewer raw materials, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also produces new goods that have a limited negative environmental impact, creating jobs and building a green economy: the only viable option if we want a more liveable world.

Lorna Rutto’s dream is extremely simple: “A green Africa, free from poverty.” But she doesn’t just dream it; she does all she can to turn her vision into reality. “Ever since I was a child, seeing rubbish on the street upset me. I used to collect plastic and turn it into decorative objects that I gave to my friends. I understood at a very early age, it appears, that waste could be a source of income and a tool for social justice.” The story of this young entrepreneur from Kenya, committed to recycling and transforming plastic into eco-sustainable building materials, is a tale of a consuming passion and idealism. Rutto was born in 1984 in Kaptembwa, a city of just under 150,000 inhabitants in the Nakuru District.

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