n. 50 november/december 2013

In an Egypt polarised between Islamists and supporters of the army, a ‘third pole’ opposing them both is making its presence felt, claiming that real change can only take place outside the official halls of power. Here they speak their minds.

Angela Merkel has won her third term and has obtained a strong majority. Many are wondering whether by 2017 the Kanzlerin will promote a historic turnaround that will set the stage for the European Union of the future. And if she’ll manage to introduce new reforms in Germany.

The West doesn’t know how to handle the Syria conflict, where it has a hard time picking out the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’.

With eight of the highest peak s on the planet, Nepal is ever y climber’s Valhalla. Pity its many gushing rivers exer t an equally fatal att raction on dam builders.

“What is the most important resource on the planet?” This was the question East asked of four young Europeans with a passion for the environment. They answered through their observation of the world, by letting their experience of life shine through and by questioning their own thoughts. Looking into the future.

The Western press rarely mentions the murders that take place in Tanzania or Burundi from time to time, but the truth is albinos face heavy discrimination across almost the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The electorate, worn out by 7 years of labour bickering and worried about the economy, hand the government over to the Business Party.

A journey along the river that symbolises India, polluted by sewage and industrial waste and threatened by encroaching modernization.

It’s called ‘Colombia’, but it’s in Mozambique: an open air gold mine with a name smacking of violence and lawlessness. To get there one crosses two different worlds: the capital, Maputo, one of Africa’s economic miracles, and a rural society where time has stood still.

“Scratch a Russian and you’ll find a Tatar”. The old saying reminds Putin’s fellow citizens that before the Soviets and even before the Tsar, the population was formed by a union of enemies, including Slavs and Mongols. Indeed, in the 13th century the word Tatar referred to any nomadic people from Asia or with Turkic-speaking roots.

We have received and are pleased to publish… Ascanio Vitale wants to change the balance between Nature and Business. In favour of the former.

The EU is doing a good job but will do even better if the bond between its institutions and the electorate is strengthened. If that happens, it can stand as a model for the entire world.

On the eve of the Bavarian elections, the brilliant German political analyst, Ulrike Guérot, until recently Head of the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Berlin office, confessed she expected a landslide victory for the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) and a collapse of the FDP to below the 5% threshold… 

In 1983 Queen Elizabeth II was preparing to tell her fellow citizens that the country was under attack by the USSR.

Keep playing and injustice will pass you by. The ‘collective and democratic music’ experiment turns 40.

‘Stealth’ snowmobiles and dragon ships: a future conflict on the Artic ice is in the planning stages while diplomats already wage a war of words.

One of the most popular vices of the Planet disappears from its country of origin.

The UN high commission for refugees and the Swedish firm Ikea have joined forces to come up with something better than a tent for those who, following some disaster or other, have to leave their homes.