n. 50 november/december 2013

Great expectations have been aroused both among Catholics and non-believers around the world who expect to see dramatic changes inside the Vatican after the election of the first ever Pope from Latin America. Six months into the new papacy there’s certainly been a dramatic shift in tone. The question of its real substance is still without answer.

Subsidies, hospitals, housing projects, aid, as well as hotels and large corporations: a look at how the Bonyads of the ayatollahs and Pasdaran are run. Thirty-four years after the Iranian Revolution charity also equals big business.

The planet’s resources must have become a particularly important subject, given the number of writers who have decided to build their essays and novels around them. What will life be like without oil? Without electricity? Without an economic recovery worthy of the name? and what if humankind discovered that immortality actually exists? Four stories with answers to all these questions.

Britain and Spain are again arguing about Gibraltar, the longest-running soap opera in diplomatic history.

Belarus seems a nation stuck in the Soviet era. Journalists and activists are censored, expelled, arrested and beaten – but all in perfect harmony in this well-oiled tyranny.