‘Communicating Europe is a bitch’

The search for ‘elusive perfection’ in EU texts is necessary – and limiting.

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“Communicating Europe is a bitch.” This inelegant conclusion emerged from a recent conference in Brussels characteristically called “EuroPCom2013– [S]Electing Europe.” The event – organized by the EU’s “Committee of Regions” – brought together 700 public sector communications specialists from European institutions, national and local governments as part of the propaganda run-up to the approaching European elections. Both the intensely institutional event name and the “bitch” tagline underscore the problem. There is not much ‘heart and soul’ in the EU’s institutional communications – and everyone, including the quite able persons who manage them, knows it. The core problem is that it is difficult to appeal to emotions in a fashion equally comprehensible – and acceptable – in at least 28 different national cultures.

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