Electric power by ship

 Turkish powerships, huge floating generators, supply electricity to countries that have none or too little.

These are the ships that have brought electricity to Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon. They’re called ‘powerships’, gigantic floating power stations and the jewel in the crown of the Turkish company Karadeniz, founded in 1948 and active in the engineering sector as well as finance, real estate, tourism and energy. The project was launched in 2007 to supply quick and reliable electric power to countries with an insufficient or intermittent flow, countries fettered by inadequate infrastructures, unable to keep pace with growing demand or in need of additional energy supplies for largescale projects. Powerships are equipped with generators that run on heavy fuel oil or natural gas. They reach their destination by sea and are then moored off the coast. The ships in the Karadeniz fleet already in full operation – seven in total with an eighth on the way – each supply around 200 MW.

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