Killing becomes politically correct

 US Army abandons lead for new ‘eco-friendly’ bullets

It is a modern mantra. Everything from shampoo to solar beer coolers seems to be ‘eco-friendly’ these days. One of the oddest and most paradoxical uses of the term has been been coined by the US Army, which has decided to invest in new types of ‘green’ weaponry to reduce the high levels of environmental contamination caused by vast quantities of lead rounds shot across military training grounds and battlefields. In other words: kill, but keep an eye out for the environment while your about it. Over the years, millions of pounds of lead have been dropped in theaters of war worldwide, poisoning aquifers and upsetting the delicate balance of surrounding ecosystems. According to a study published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), in the US alone, estimates show that its over 3,200 openair shooting ranges have released much greater quantities of lead into the environment than any of the country’s largest industrial sectors.

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