n.51 January/February 2014

The nuclear race between Pakistan and India sets alarm bells ringing again

A chance to say ‘no’ to all the candidates on the ballot may help Indian voters to reinforce the world’s largest democracy

 US Army abandons lead for new ‘eco-friendly’ bullets

Rich Chinese have American surrogate mothers bear their heirs, securing a ‘Green Card’ in the bargain

Uruguay is to fight traffickers by selling government marijuana at a dollar a joint

The inevitable farewell of the country’s 90-yearold founder presents opportunities and risks for Asia’s most ferocious tiger

China has pulled off an amazing feat: it feeds a quarter of the world’s population with just 7% of the planet’s arable land, but...

American researchers believe they have found the key to history with software that predicts the rise and fall of ancient empires

The US is preparing to exploit the minerals in asteroids, but who owns the riches in space?

A newly coined word, ‘climigration’, summarizes the fate of islanders forced to flee from sea levels rising because of global warming