n.57 January/February 2015

In Holland there’s a shortage of convicts, France holds the record for suicides.

The Hollande government weathers a stormy economy without a compass.

The epidemic is lethal for the population but it also downs the economy.

If there is a cure, we owe it to weapons research.

Fear and confusion don’t help to defeat the virus.

East speaks with Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary.

The female prison population is booming around the world.

A tradition in many US prisons, the last meal of the condemned to death is dying out.

Two popular Asian sports set to conquer fans and the world.

The lack of respect for EU deficit ceilings is increasingly seen as a crime in the eurozone. But does the punishment of sanctions work? And when speaking of crime and punishment, how can we hope to overlook our continental relations with Russia? The fact-checking site Pagella Politica provides answers to these questions. 

A new generation of young Muslims can counter the jihadi.

Once Europe’s strongest military power, Germany is no longer prepared to fight.

Serbian, Kosovar and Albanian mercenaries are popping up wherever there is a war to be fought.

A global institution and a private company unite to combat violence against women.

The free movement of attorneys within the EU may be a good thing – just not yet.

Is outlawing commercial sex the best way to fight modern slavery?

America’s leaders, it seems, often don’t like the job.

El Salvador’s Izalco prison is an especially alarming example of an accusation commonly raised: that far from returning reformed offenders to society as productive citizens, prisons all too often become schools for crime, training and hardening criminals in their ways.