n.57 January/February 2015

If a company steals, can it be sent to jail?

The Middle East and North Africa are strongholds of capital punishment.

Mexico is a case study in what happens when the rule of law disappears.

The world of video games is a virtual contradiction.

The rich tend to get richer. Now we know why.

Songs of homicide.

Tensions at the World Bank - There are troubled waters at the World Bank, where the restructuring introduced by President Jim Yong Kim has met with strong resistance, along with weekly interruptions in work and employee assemblies. Kim intends to cut 500 jobs in the next three years and to reduce the budget by $400 million (nearly €320 million).

A German football star excelled at tax evasion.

The Sultanate of Oman survives and prospers by keeping its doors open.

The former British colony is seeking a role and a future.

Tibet faces the old, the new and realpolitik.

Probably about 650 – so far. Here’s how we know.

The US tries to decide on the future of Internet.

Are we saints fallen on evil ways, or monsters?