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The article ‘The real Donald Tusk’, which appeared in EAST 58, mistakenly referred to Mr. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki as current CEO of Bank Pekao instead of former CEO of Bank Pekao. We apologize to Mr. Luigi Lovaglio, current CEO of Bank Pekao.


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The Charlie Effect explains why the clash between Islam and the West is all wrong.

Isis is making money and the Oracular Web has no doubts on the crucial issues of 2015.

While Samantha and Rosetta explore the universe, East-West explains why closing the borders won't stem infiltration by Foreign Fighters.

The Ukrainian crisis divides East and West but unite the ultra soccer fans in the stands and revives Pan-Slavism.

A hesitant and half-cooked European Union only serves the interests of the elites. A thorough legal integration could however make the difference.

Elections in Estonia and Northern Cyprus. Few real contenders in Turkey likely to take Erdoğan's place.

Aladin, Nanxi and Federico, three stories that embody pluck, talent and success.
New war scenarios. The Pharoah vs the Caliph in Sinai and a Free for All in Libya. Even Israel must choose, while the USA are distracted by the Chinese Imperial dream.

A Nigerian banker-philanthropist launches Africapitalism. Cuba prepares to play its part in world markets while Abenomics in Japan is having a second go.

The USA and the EU have long been betrothed, might they step up to the altar? The unpredictable outcome of  the on-going Transatlantic partnership negotiations. To be or not to be……





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For the past 10 years, we have strived to inform our readers about what has happened the world over, looking beyond phenomena and current events to provide facts, forecasts and analyses that stem from studies, interviews and journalistic fieldwork. Which have sometimes helped us even anticipate events.

Closing borders won't put an end to terrorist infiltration.

Thoughts and considerations of a Muslim who is against a clash between Islam and the West.

When oil prices determine foreign policy and global enterprise guarantees democracy, then terrorists can have a free hand.

The sharp decline in oil prices at the end of 2014 has once again brought to light the political implications of economic choices that affect commodities, as is the case with OPEC decisions.

Immigration, terrorism and Islamophobia: what's in store in 2015?

Perspective on Research - With huge emphasis on research producing jobs as quickly as possible, scientists warn that while this approach may take care of the present, it will be a failure over the longer term.

“Eurocrats produce absurd rules”. This platitude is often heard in the EU, and must have some basis in truth, if the ‘first among equals’ Frans Timmermans has been appointed Commissioner for Better Regulation. But as all misconceptions of any note , it reaches levels beyond belief, which can verge on the mendacious. Here are a few things the Eurocrats have not had their say on, despite what the newspapers say.

A former Polish premier describes a former Polish premier. Democratic, liberal, fan.

The European legal integration process must take place right away or the EU risks being advantageous only for its elite.

My enemy's enemy is my friend. Satan is ready to bow to military logic, but not the Saudis and Israelis.

The Ukrainian crisis divides East and West and reawakens pan-Slavism. Putin is successfully courting all nationalist forces within Europe.

Divided over football, united for freedom: in the stands of Ukraine's arenas, the fans chant the same song.

The country that boasts state-of-the-art technology has to come to terms with its past.

The high election threshold limits and pools Erdogan's rivals but the Kurds with their lay European approach are the ones that stand out most.

Reunification is unthinkable, a light federation might appease investors interested in the abundant oil fields of these quarrelsome Cypriots.