n.58 March/April

The recent synod has broken the ice but the intricate theological problems revolving around family issues will have towait till next October.

Samantha, Rosetta and the other conquests of the European space program.

Five students in a studio apartment with no air conditioning invent Enplug, a top five start-up in 2013.

The answer to the crisis is Cubeyou. An all-Italian company.

Fleeing from Yemen, to Rome. Now his art is all over Italian cities.

If the soul of globalisation is digital, the body is the giant containers, the "metal boxes" invented in the Thirties and introduced in the Fifties on the huge and efficient container ships that have turned international trade on its head by accelerating the industrialisation process in economies that were once marginal, such as the Chinese…

The TTIP agreement with the US is a great opportunity for the EU to manage globalisation. The sooner a deal is struck the better.

The TTIP promises more uniform regulations and positives for the economy, but the negotiations are not risk-free.

The Investor-state dispute settlement could jeopardize the EU-US negotiations.

The European Union is having to negotiate a free trade agreement with a partner whose economic clout and development status matches its own.

The eurozone creates tax-free zones to attract Asian capital.

Turkey wants to play a part in the pact but has a few issues to sort out.

These emerging nations are cutting themselves a bigger slice of the pie.

The first trader by volume in the world, the EU enjoys a dominant position in the global market and is still the largest and most integrated free trade zone in the world.

According to the European Parliament, at least 36 million jobs are directly or indirectly linked to trade.

An European cultural product conquers the US and not vice versa.


The digital revolution and television: silent but relentless progress.

How to avoid making the same mistakes.

European foodies fear lower safety and quality standards, while Americans could get their teeth into new delicacies.