n.59 May/June 2015

From model school to supposed fundamentalist incubator. Yet the schools are still the place where one may hope to build 'French Republican Islam'.

Tsipras proclaims the divorce between the UN pact and a disappointed electorate.

Tsipras doesn't buy the EU offer. The EU won't accept Tsipras' suggestions. Yet a compromise on the tax system and the public administration has been reached.

“The use of force must not be worse than the evil to be eliminated”.

The conflicts wears on as the money wears thin. Can Ukraine survive and will Europe react?

The rouble is falling fast while support for Putin reaches new heights.

Dedicated to those who believe national currencies might solve all problems.

Football, art, cuisine and fashion, but also its know-how. The country of the ‘Great Beauty’, nothing new thus far.

The Great Beauty but crippled by taxes and corruption. And Italians' notoriety as 'nice folks' is fading.

Since 1976 Italy has been the top European trade partner in Lebanon.

A course at Cà Foscari in Venice helps businesses adapt their behaviour to the Indian market.

The tropical pizza is the queen of Cuban cuisine. In the Sixties Fidel Castro opened thousands of ‘pizzerìas’ on the Caribbean island.

Bad management and vandalism are emptying Italian stadiums, unlike the packed ones in the rest of Europe.

How public broadcasting services are changing – in Italy and Europe.

The mission impossible of films against war.

Understanding our currency to get a handle on our economic development.

With Expo 2015 Farinetti's global brand will showcase Italian regional cuisine.

The tetchy, unpredictable genius of champions.