n.5 July 2005

Is “Copyright” dying? Is a new age of “Copyleft” beginning? And if this is the future, what is in store for intellectual property and the economic equilibrium of millions of companies? A journey through the new rules of the Net. The Wu Ming, between experiences of their own and of others, appear to have a lot to say on the topic... Is the future of books’ pubblishing destined to change?

Commerce promotes growth and growth combats poverty. But the wealth at times appears to be distributed in an unacceptable way. Among the priorities of the OMC, one can have a particular effect on the future: the success of the Doha Round to avoid a return to the “law of the jungle”. And, after the dual No to the Constitution, the role of the European Union is more difficult, but even more necessary.

Are we really on the verge of a profound transformation of the UN? Very little is known in Europe and Italy about the scope of the reform proposals presented by Kofi Annan. It has been turned into a petty power play for an extra seat on the Security Council. Indeed, even the epochal problem of poverty…

The plan to reform the Security Council under discussion seems very unlikely to change the current system. A serious reform should instead be based on reality and on the principles that inspired the Charter. The reality is a world constantly dealing with conflicts, aggression and the potential flashpoints of international crises.