n.5 July 2005

Has the bank of international justice failed? In the past, the weak demonstrated an ability to stop the operation of the powerful by means of a massive appeal to universal values. Excellent examples of this are Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. But the poor cannot expect the rich to initiate the fight for justice. And if the world democracies of the poor world make their voices heard ...

Relations between the US and UN have always been difficult. But to nominate John Bolton to the Glass Palace is like nominating an anti-German to Berlin. The President of the Ispi and Ansa doesn’t hold back when dealing with a topic that is very important to him.

With 40,000 associations, 10 million organisations and 19 million employees, the Non Profit is the eighth world economy. Before Spain, Russia and Canada. But a consistent part of this world has lost its autonomy and is yielding to the logics of the dominant powers.

Some of them are truly committed, others just pretend, but, in any case, it is important to talk about it. Blair and Chirac, Bono and Schumacher, governments and spokespersons under the professional lens of the director of CeSPI.