n.5 July 2005

The attack on Rafik Hariri has broken the seal that was blocking Libya. In Egypt some timid efforts at reform are being undertaken. They are finally voting in Palestine. And Sharon is moving forward with his peace plan. There was a great need for democracy in the entire area. And even under the shells of regimes that seemed unchangeable up to now like Saudi Arabia...

Bridget Jones has almond shaped eyes. The golden age in the West has passed (which prefers Desperate housewives since the television serial), “single-tude” is moving east and creating new proselytes along with a billion dollar niche market.

The country is moving. It is not waiting. Far from the cities reconstruction is moving forward rapidly. But, after the Tsunami, now what’s coming is a wave of business at any cost. South of Pondichéry, among the villages that were most seriously hit, there is no smell of death: the rebuilding in these villages is releasing an energy that would make Old Europe envious. Everyone is working for everyone, not because they have to, but because it’s logical to do.

Curious, affable, but not very easy-going... Vigorous and exuberant, he called himself a barn-burner. A man with two images: the one romantic, choreographic and vigorous and the other sober, silent, and reserved. A portrait of an itinerant Florentine, indomitable traveller, of a journalist-writer who had certainly left a deep mark on the memory of his time.