n.5 July 2005

The reasons that led the Italian manufacturing industry to delocalize abroad in the past are fading: low cost of labour, tax breaks. These days the challenge is called internationalization, as revealed by a surprising survey conducted by Fondazione Nord Est (northeastern foundation) reporting on the main obstacles that need to be overcome in Italy. And which confirms the conviction of Adam Smith, according to whom ...

Internationalisation will redraw the productive structure of the North East. The processes of the globalisation of markets are inevitable and must be confronted immediately and strategically.

Stressing the competitiveness of networks, committing oneself to updating, promoting new initiatives to aggregate the demand for innovation.
These are the prescriptions for the North-East.

From flypaper to mosquito coils to electric heaters. Today this Trentino company is the world’s leading producer of insecticide, with plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company produces and markets its own brands but also partners with giants like Johnson Wax and Reckitt Benckiser. It was founded and directed by a 54 year-old Bocconi university graduate, who tells in this interview how from the provinces ...