n.5 July 2005

Not all of the “made in Italy” sector is suffering. Products such as vending machines for food and beverages are thriving, with exports accounting for 60% of production. In this interview we hear more about this from Augusto Garulli, president of both the sector’s national association and Eva, European Vending Association, who feels certain that China will be a very attractive outlet for the Italians.

The competitivity of the country still depends primarily on the low cost of labour and geographical proximity. But in the long term, the ability of the Romanian government to implement policies that also involve other factors such as structural flexibility, the quality of the workforce and capacities of the outlet market will be key. And from this perspective ...

New Europe Economic Dossier aims to provide a structural view on the evolution of the various countries in the region, highlighting the main
achievements and the open challenges. Each issue is dedicated to a specific country and includes an analysis of the economic situation plus
an interview to a leading figure for the future of the country. The dossier is edited by the New Europe Research Network of UniCredit.

The distribution of local economies in the global markets brings out ethnocentric trends. And we realize that cultural elements also play a key role in the production system. Therefore marketing turns to anthropology for assistance in understanding markets, developing and modifying instruments and techniques of analysis. and we realize that also small players…