n.60 July/August 2015

He’s now pitting his close relationship with Putin against the EU, a very risky tactic given Russia’s present predicament.

Putin’s relations with the Chechen president have soured so Russia’s spies prepare for war.

The EU is training the Palestinian police and its judges to try to overcome the problems faced by a divided and disputed land.

Modern megacities and villages, remote plateaus and deserts, mysticism and unbridled trading, sublime poetry and capital punishment, exquisite crafts and widespread torture, the most welcoming people closed off from the world, highly qualified women encased in their hijabs. Visitors are immediately required to disguise themselves (the women) or become accomplices (the men)…

Freedom, happiness, civil rights, secularism. The surprising figures revealed by interviews with Iranians in and outside Iran.

Iran has recovered much of its political influence in the Middle East, but it mustn't make light of themany lurking dangers.

Daniel Serweri, a conflict management expert, discusses the contradictory US media coverage of the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Electoral system, private enterprise, US relations. After the agreement with Obama, where does Iran go next? 

The change in US-Iran relations re-establishes post WWII conditions in the Middle East and could end up sidelining the Saudis.

The threat posed by the Sunni caliphate makes the 30-year danger posed by the Hezbollah Shiite faction and Iran pale into insignificance in the eyes of the US.

Iranian cartoons belong to a poetic tradition that carries political clout.

A new approach to capitalism is possible.

Muslims and Jews don't eat pork. A prohibition that stems from a number of factors.

Contemporary art helps us get a feel for Iran's current predicament.

The Tehran Project -  In order to halt Iran in its race towards the atomic bomb, the United States government has built “a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities”, according to an article published in The New York Times.

The number of people killed by law enforcement officers in the US is on the rise.

The 90-minute coalition leaves little hope for the peace process.

Attitudes to immigration change but pockets of hostility remain, while Europe tries to outsource its border controls.