Nikola Gruevski’s Authoritarian Methods

Armed clashes reappear in the Balkans: the Albanian minority calls for the resignation of the nationalist – conservative prime minister.

In the streets of the capital Skopje, two camps continue to face off even though, after months of demonstrations, the number of protesters appears to be dwindling. The first group, gathered in front of the government building, is calling for the resignation of Premier Nikola Gruevski. The second group made up of the leader’s supporters are lined up in front of the Parliament in a show of support for the government.

It has been nine years now since the relatively young Gruevski (born in 1970) came to power. An economist with a short-lived acting career, Gruevski became prime minister after having served as finance minister since the age of 30. The two protest camps currently standing firm on the streets of the capital, however, illustrate the divisions that run through Macedonian society today. 

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