n.61 September/October 2015

Zero tolerance towards nationalist populisms and low-budget demagoguery.

The time has come to decide what kind of Union wewant or the choice will be taken out of our hands.

The high illiteracy and extreme poverty make it easy to find young recruits.

Multi-ethnic, highly integrated and with a growing economy. Peru knows how to play West against East.

The “Country of the Eagle", a potential candidate since 2003, still can't rustle up sufficient resources to make it into Europe. 

The greatest danger behind immigration is the ease with which it can be exploited to fight battles that have nothing to do with the issue's complexity.

The president's authoritarian tendencies are pegged back by the elections. A majority of the electorate won't go along.

Relations between the two giants are improving, a valid alternative to the G2 with the US.