n.62 November/December 2015

Strong empathy in favour of civil and gay unions but treading more carefully on adoptions.

Interview with Nicolas Vèron, senior member of the Bruegel think tank and professor at the Peterson Institute for International Studies in Washington DC.  

17 December 2014: Barack Obama and Raul Castro announce the resumption of diplomatic relations between the United states and Cuba. After over a half century of tension and chilly relations, a change of tack that took many by surprise.

Inspired by Lincoln, Obama’s primary mission has been to patch up rifts between communities, people and nations.

The clash between normality and polarization will decide Obama's legacy.

Uninterested or unmotivated, at least 21 million American voters don't head for the polling stations.

The paradigmatic change that has led the Fed to test unchartered waters.

Obama enlists Spielberg for his post-presidential narrative, while film and TV are starting to move on diversity.

Method and manipulation: a sales strategy.

The initiative, launched by Michelle Obama to fight child obesity, promotes healthy eating and a dynamic lifestyle.

Obama has introduced a political language that's an active weapon, not just a form of communication.

An excess of law graduates

One of the most prestigious professions in the United States has been experiencing a crisis over the past several years.

Vice President Joe Biden has proven his loyalty to President Obama.

In the second year of its caliphate, will IS try to set up official relations and seek international recognition?

The United Nations-led international mission to stymie the migration business is about to begin.

This small state is preparing to become an ‘African Dubai’ thanks to Chinese investments.

After the US withdrawal, chaos wins out. The Taliban, the police and the armed forces are at each other's throats.

Park Geun-hye has proven skilful in her diplomatic dealings, but inept internal policy choices have cut the government's popular consensus to 29%.