n.6 october 2005

A scrap of strategic land. With a thousand-year history behind it. Soviet control, never questioned, after the Postdam and Yalta agreements. The worries faced today by those in Poland and the Baltic countries for whom Putin and Schroeder’s new gas pipeline is a studied way to deny them and Poland energy resources and transit rights.

The market economy was the backbone of urban civilization. It rested on three pillars – the division of labour, a trend towards growth and accumulation, and free enterprise.

The voluntary work and non-profit sectors can also facilitate exchanges among European countries. Italy and Poland, for example, have developed a shared project to resolve a reciprocal emergency: the lack of paramedical staff. For this is another way to give life to a European social model, a multicultural historical context and a shared tradition of
participation in public and economic life

Small size. Short-sighted strategies. Major reforms such as the euro viewed primarily as technical events. But Europe also has structural problems – population dynamics, immigration and the scarcity of raw materials