n.6 october 2005

There are too many clichés doing the rounds about the powerful Asian locomotive. Countries with highly specialized production, such as Italy, are worried about the devastating impact of Chinese imports, while others such as the U.K. and the Scandinavian countries want low-cost products to keep prices on hold.

Poland is a wide open space, exposed to winds that blow from East to West, bringing with them armies and destinies.

Voluntary service is on the increase. Active civil society is growing. The link with Europe, which is also cultural, seems complete. From the end of the Communist regime until today, the Czech Republic has undergone significant changes, as stated by the Civil Society Index.

Two companies and two very different sensibilities, with the State playing a different role on various questions; today they are experiencing the same repeated scandals originating from the same source. The point of view of two Italians, Marco Frey and Giovanni Moro, and two Americans Sandra Waddock and Charles Derber, reaching conclusions about the issue of corporate social responsibility…