n.7 December 2005

There can be no contest if conditions are not equal. A comparison of the Italian network with the British or Canadian networks shows that Italy has fewer resources, both human and financial. This fact is even more surprising considering that Italy is the only G8 country to be able to allow itself a dual network

To redefine foreign policy objectives and reorganise the entire structure, including through a strengthening of diplomatic missions in the world in order to supply
exporters with genuine assistance.

AVIAN FLU 130 cases of avian flu found in humans as of November 20, 2005. Specifically, 2 in China (1 death) 4 in Cambodia (4 deaths) 21 in Thailand (13 deaths)
92 in Vietnam (42 deaths) 11 in Indonesia (7 deaths)

Pope Wojtyla said that Christianity has two lungs and that, without the Orthodox one, it would not exist. But Orthodox Christians, explains Paolo Rumiz in this interview, were first persecuted and then removed from the collective memory of the West. Everything started with the destruction of the Turkish empire, when a nationalistic mentality became predominant.