East Forum 2016


The 11th edition of the East Forum will take place in Rome on 14 July 2016. This year’s theme is “The New Europe: Migrations, Integration and Security”.


The focus will be on the migrant crisis, the main challenge facing the Old Continent today and one that involves further challenges: the social integration of new arrivals and the question of guaranteeing security across the European territory, especially in light of the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The East Forum 2016 aims to examine these themes, highlighting the extraordinary opportunities that facing Europe from a political, social, economic and demographic point of view. The conviction underlying the work of the Forum is that Europe faces a challenge that will have a decisive and long-term impact on its future and its role in the world: a new Europe will be defined by the responses that it provides to the current crisis.

Three panel discussions are planned:

  • “The European Integration Project and the Migration Dilemma”
  • “The Immigration Issue: From a Social to a Security Matter”
  • “Demography, a Stimulus for the European Economy”

Myrta Merlino, a journalist for the Italian TV network La7, will serve as moderator. Many prominent figures will be participating, including Emma Bonino, Romano Prodi, Zygmunt Bauman, Franco Roberti, Stephane Jaquemet.

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The East Forum will be held in Rome at the Roma Eventi conference centre, located at via Alibert 5, near Piazza di Spagna.