Dossier - The Syria there once was

Besides the omnivorous presence of IS and the often tragic landings of refugees, Syria now lies sadly forgotten, with its cities and its talented citizens.

Damascus, perhaps the oldest city in the world, inhabited for 11,000 years by Mesopotamians, Arameans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. The ‘northern capital’, Aleppo, with its uninterrupted 5000 year history. Both UNESCO heritage sites. Along with Homs, Hama, Apamea and Maaloula to mention but a few.

Since 2011 the war has become a part of the daily lives of these cities and populations.

What started out as a fierce internal struggle soon saw many external backers of the various factions join the fray, each with their own strategic objectives. This has led to the multiplication and fragmentation of the forces in the field and the interests at stake. Where there once was Syria with its 22 million citizens, there is now a country from which four million people have fled and eight million are destitute. 

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