November/December 2016

If confirmed, his victory would cap the extremist right-wing tide to the relief of the European establishment, endangered by populist trends.

They’re known as the market kings, the Masters of the Universe, capable of influencing the salvage or bankruptcy of entire nations and moving billions of dollars with a single click.

Initially the major sovereign funds were set up by oil exporting nations. Now every country with foreign currency reserves can have its own fund.

The funds’ governing bodies must counter mistrust, egoism and corruption by guaranteeing transparency, security and equal opportunity.

Due to energy sector slump, investors are looking elsewhere. From real estate to football, major funds are on the lookout for new investments.

The Qatar Investment Authority has transformed the country’s image into a luxury brand: profit and political influence go hand in hand.

In the wake of the crisis, monetary authorities have flooded markets with liquidity, generating a range of problems which Rogoff believes need addressing.

The China Investment Corporation is expanding its investment portfolio in every direction, revealing its international aspirations.

SYRIA - A lasting peace plan?

US Secretary of State John Kerry is convinced that the Syrian peace agreement which America has signed with Russia will hold together this time.

The world is in chaos. The Americans have to choose between two unloved candidates. Whatever the outcome, good luck Mr/Ms President.

The EU-Canada treaty simplifies trading in goods and services and guarantees Canada smooth access to the largest market in the world.

The referendum surprisingly rejected the agreement with FARC, but Oslo, with its Nobel Peace prize, is encouraging Santos to extend negotiations.

The fierce rivalry between the two political factions fuels the terrorism that spreads fear and mayhem throughout the country.

The terrorist attacks, though on the wane, have left a deep scar on the population that it can’t seem to get over.

The moderate Islamic party in power seems to be heading down the Turkish path, but it hasn’t reckoned with a king that rules as well as reigning.

The challenges faced by the Islamic Republic now that sanctions have been lifted include structural reform, oil exports and drought.

The result of the British referendum will lead to major economic and political-strategic changes for the future of African nations.

Since the introduction of the euro, Slovakia’s per capita GDP has almost closed the gap to the Czech Republic, which chose to keep its own currency.